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Everybody Loves A Parade

So I was on my way to work the other day when I found myself somewhat puzzled by the unusually heavy traffic at the entrance to Intramuros.  Turns out one of the nearby schools was celebrating foundation day (or something) and they were holding a parade.

parade clip

I managed to record a short footage of it using my new action camera as I puttered along on my trusty RS150.  Too bad I was already late enough for work as it is as I really wanted to watch the parade.  Everybody loves a parade, right?  At the very least, watching one go by wouldn’t be a bad way to spend one’s time.

Oh, yeah, I have a new action camera.  Finally decided to shell out for one and I got it around a week ago.  Ordered it from Lazada.

action camera

Image taken from the Lazada website.

Just a cheap, generic unit.  Honestly, I got it for the mount accessories that came with it but it performed okay when I tested it.  Well enough for me to decide that I’ll be using it on my daily commuter ride, my RS150.  It was good enough for day shoots in my opinion.  Not so good on night shoots though.  Eh, you get what you pay for, I reckon.  I’ll just use my old Pentax adventure camera for taking pics and vids at night.



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