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Testing Out Me Camera Mount

I recently got a new bicycle/motorcycle camera mount to be be used with my old Pentax adventure digital camera.  I was actually considering getting one of those small action/sports camera like a Go Pro (well not exactly like a Go Pro cuz those things are mondo expensive but a cheaper but still decent alternative) but then I thought that I could just use my old camera.  It was still good.  Plus it was waterproof and shockproof.  All I needed was a suitable camera mount.

I managed to get my hands on this:


I decide to test it out my new ride, my Z1000R.  It took a bit of fiddling about but I managed to get it attached to the handlebar and thus get my old camera mounted.  Here’s the clip I took on the short trip from my home to Petron for the evening’s tambay (i.e. hangout) with the guys.

Yeah….it’s okay, I reckon, although a bit on the shaky side (I didn’t use YouTube’s improve video option to present the clip, more or less, in its original state).  I suspect though that it’s not entirely the camera mount’s fault.  The camera may have something to do with it — it’s mounting slot position wasn’t entirely suitable for a stable shot (good for a tripod shot, yes, I reckon, but not good for mounting on a motorcycle).  I may have to shell out for a new action/sports camera after all.  Eh.  We’ll see.



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