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Euro Keeway Superlight 200

The following had been written using the RedNotebook app on June 29, 2016.


I find myself confused about the Euro Keeway Superlight 200. About the brand, I mean. Mitsukoshi Philippines is marketting the brand as Euro Keeway but a quick search of the net reveals that there appears to be no such brand in the international market. Rather there’s the Keeway brand of motorcycles and browsing this brand’s website reveals the Superlight 200. So Euro Keeway Superlight 200 is actually just Keeway Superlight 200?

So why the Euro Keeway brand? Why market the Superlight 200 under the Euro Keeway brand instead of the Keeway brand? That remains a mystery to me.

Perhaps Mitsukoshi Philippines managed to obtain the distributorships of the Keeway brand using its Euro Motors connections, Euro Motors being another brand the Mitsukoshi Philippines was carrying together with the SYM brand. I dunno.


Well, whatever is the case, the Superlight 200 is currently available in the local market in all Mitsukoshi branches and what a bike it is. The Superlight 200 is a small displacement retro-style cruiser and has caught my eye in much the same way as the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. There is just something about old school cruisers that appealed to my aesthetic senses. Oh, yeah, sports cruisers and the like are okay in my book but nothing beats retro and retro-style cruisers. As far as cruiser motorcycles go, old school really is the way to go.


I say small displacement but the Superlight 200 is on the high side of the spectrum, being 200cc whereas small displacement bikes hereabouts typically ranged from 100cc to 150cc. Yeah. It’s actually closer to the mid-displacement range. I know it’s different in other countries, particularly in the United States but here in the Philippines, small displacement bikes range from 100cc to 200cc while mid-displacement bikes range from 220cc to 350cc. Bikes with displacements of 400cc and above are considered big displacement bikes or simply big bikes.

The Superlight 200 is the near-perfect cruiser bike to have here in the Philippines if you ask me. Its 200-cc powerhouse is quite economical and suitable for the traffic conditions and relatively small roads here. It’s quite affordable as well at around 90,000.00 pesos. I say near-perfect because at only 200cc, the Superlight 200 is not allowed in the expressways where the minimum displacement allowed for motorcycles is 400cc. In my book, the perfect cruiser bike displacement ranges from 400cc to 650cc. At this range, gas mileage would still be economical and the bike would still be small enough filter through traffic and traverse our small, overcrowded roads with ease.

Still the Superlight 200 presents a good platform for customization. Given its small price tag, you’d have enough money left for whatever custom jobs you have in mind. A great thing indeed if one is on a tight budget like yours truly. Heh.

Displacement: 197 cc
Maximum Power: 12.73 BHP @ 7550 rpm
Maximum Torque: 14 NM @ 6000 rpm
No. of Cylinders: 1
No. of Gears: 5
Seat Height: 730 mm
Ground Clearance: 120 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 14 litres
Top Speed: 115 kmph

Images taken from the Keeway and Mitsukoshi websites.



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