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The following had been written on June 27, 2016 using the RedNotebook app.

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With all my resources, limited as they were, already committed to getting a Kawasaki Z1000 and a small displacement bike, I still find myself interested in getting a Piaggio Ape, either a basic drive-away unit or a pick-up unit. I’ve been interested in the vehicle for quite some time now in fact. Yep. Ever since I saw one on the street. It’s quite a charming little vehicle. A class in its own, I’d say.

To boot, it’d really come in handy what with all my rides being two-wheeled vehicles.

To date, I’d only seen a Piaggio Ape on the road around a half a dozen times but I’d always get a kick watching them putter by. What at hoot! XD I really must get one. I really do.

Getting one will have to wait though. Like I said, my current priorites were those two vehicles. I’ll be able to start saving up and aiming for a Piaggio Ape after I had purchased my Z1000. In all likelihood then, I’d be able to get one by 2021 or 2022. Maybe even 2023, 2025 at the very worst. Sigh. If only I would hit it big at the lottos…

Heh. I bet a whole lot of people are thinking the very same thing though for totally different reasons I betcha.

The above pic taken from the Piaggio Ape Philippines website.



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