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Kawasaki Z1000

The following had been written on June 26, 2016 using the RedNotebook app.


As I had mentioned previously, I’m going for a Kawasaki Z1000. Well, eventually I’ll be getting one. I had decided thus after finding out that the Vehicle Fund I had been slowly building all these years had already reached quite close to the Z1000’s price tag. It had taken years, man, years but I was finally at that level. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw the numbers. That I was elated and excited would be putting it mildly.

I was still quite short though. I still needed to put aside some more money before I can go to Kawasaki Leisure Bikes to place my order. I’ll need that much more not only for the unit but also for delivery and insurance, I reckon. It was a tall order, given my limited resources. From the looks of things, I won’t be able to do it by the end of the year as I had originally planned. The chances looked pretty slim indeed. I’ll give it the old college try of course. Hope springs eternal and all that.

More than likely, I’ll be able to put together the necessary funds by the middle of next year. I had one year then. One year before my dream bike will finally be mine.

Used to be, my dream bike was the Royal Enfield Bullet 500. But that was quickly set aside that fateful day I visited the Kawasaki Leisure Bikes showroom in Libis and I beheld for the first time the Z1000. It was perfect. I decided then and there that I’ll get one. It may take years and years of saving, of painstakingly putting aside money I could have used for something else but I’ll definitely get one. And finally, that day I had been waiting for was almost at hand. Just one more year. One more year. Woot!


What is there to say about the Z1000? While I can’t say anything about its performance and handling at the moment — it’s bound to be a whopper power-wise, it being a naked liter bike and all — not having ridden it yet, I can definitely say a mouthful about it’s looks. I may not be an overly opinionated person or even talkative or wordy one but I’ll give it a go, I reckon. Heh.

There’s just something about the way the Z1000 looked that really brought a twinkle to my eye whenever I see it, even just a picture of it. It’s stance and the way the headlight was angled and designed gave a mean, aggressive, yet at the same time sophisticated look. Even just standing there, it looked like it was moving like a proud, hungry beast ready to devour any unfortunate bike that got in its way. Heh. And being a naked bike, it’s engine was exposed. I couldn’t help but liken it to a dominant silverback baring its chest in a display of power and aggression.

1014201210103112_engine exhaust system

The quad pipes were a nice touch as well. They gave the Z1000 a beautiful symmetry particularly when seen from behind.

All images taken from the Kawasaki Leisure Bikes Philippines website.



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