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Still Undecided. Feh!

The following was written using RedNotebook app on June 25, 2016.

It’s been a few days now that I’ve decided on the route my bike plans will be taking. Getting the Kawasaki Z1000 is still a solid go, big green lights and all. As soon as I put together enough money for it (plus delivery and insurance, I reckon), I’ll be hightailing it to Kawasaki Leisure Bikes, whether Libis or Makati. Yep. Yep.

What I find myself having difficulty at the moment with my current plans was the small displacement bike I’ll be getting as support commuter and project bike I still find myself quite undecided on what bike to get. Sure, I was (and still is) partial to the Euro Keeway Superlight 200 but the price tag on the dang thing was still very much a problem at the moment. As things were, my fund currently stood at around 52,000.00 pesos, about 40,000 pesos short. Not sure if I could cover that by mid-July, my self-appointed deadline for purchasing a new bike.

I could go for the very much cheaper Rusi Rango 125, which was going for less than 50,000.00 pesos. I’d have enough money for customization by the time I get around to buying one. It was a good project bike to be sure. Unfortunately, I still find myself somewhat lacking confidence in the Rango, it being a China-made bike and all. Not to knock China-made bikes but buying one was still quite the crapshoot, in my opinion. The chances of getting a lemon was still very much on the high side. Even if you did get a good unit, maintenance was still a problem, well, more so than the Japanese bikes which were “use & forget” for the most part, minimal maintenance and all that. In addition, you can’t really push a China-made bike to the limits of its performance, not if you want to get good use out of it for a long time. Well, you can, I suppose, but the lifespan of its reliability tends to drop considerably. Sigh. And I really liked the looks of the Rango, too…

Oh, I’m sure there are people out there that would disagree with me and they could very well be right but that’s essentially the impression I have of China-made bikes and I find myself having difficulty getting over it. Sigh again.

I’m also considering the Honda TMX 125 for a cafe racer custom build. At 50,000.00 pesos, it was very much like the Rango. If I get one, I’d have enough money to start customizing the bike and turning it into a cafe racer (in looks at least, if not in performance).

Grrr… I just don’t know. Feh.

Goldang it…if only I had enough money…


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