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Motorized chopper bicycle

While browsing around the Sulit site, I chanced upon this ad.  I was blown away by the chopper-style bicycle, an SGM Road Master, if I wasn’t mistaken, made more appealing, to me at least, with the installation of a small 50-cc 2-stroke engine.  It had a range of around 100km on a full tank of 2 liters and could go up to 45kph on a level road.

What a beauty!!! My mouth, it waters just looking at her.

I could definitely see myself riding one.  Heh.

Not really a bicycle kind of guy but I must confess to being really tempted.

Aw, heck!  I think I’ll buy one.  Heh.  Not now, of course.  As of yet, I don’t have the 20,000 bucks I’ll be needing to shell out to get me one of these babies.  And even if I did, I just can’t justify the expenditure to my wallet at the moment.

I’ll put it on my list of things to buy methinks.

Perhaps on Christmas.  Or on my birthday.

But I’ll definitely get one.  Oh, most definitely.

One comment on “Motorized chopper bicycle

  1. Lope
    December 8, 2015

    Nice ride. Where can i buy that. . .? Pls message me my email. geronimo_lope@yahoo.com.ph

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