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Last August 23


Got a pleasant surprise last August 23.  And there I was thinking that I should just go straight home from work, being tired and somewhat sleepy.  Sure glad I didn’t.  Heh.

The evening started pretty much as normal.  I was hanging out at my usual hangout place, Petron Dona Soledad, surfing the net using my netbook and the coffee shop’s free wi-fi, when all of the sudden, some of the guys started showing up one by one.

An impromptu bike night.  That I was elated would be putting it mildly cuz it just goes to show that PRC was quite dead yet.  Just hibernating somewhat fierce.

What a pleasant surprise indeed!

I must say it was really good to see the guys hanging out at Petron again. Such a rare and happy occasion to say the least.


‘Twas a sight for sore and tired eyes, let me tell ya. Hoo!

And this as well.

Sadly, even good night had to end. Departure time.

Sigh.  Too bad the whole affair didn’t last that long.  Just an hour or so.  Still, it was better than nothing, right?  It was much more than I could have hoped for, in the very least.

Here’s hoping for the return of bike night at Petron Dona Soledad.  Fingers crossed and all that.

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