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Looking Back: Paranaque Riders Club Membership Dues

Way, way, way back, back when the Paranaque Riders Club (PRC) was still very much active, one of the things we talked about was club membership dues.  Not that the club had regular expenses to pay but it was good to have money in the piggy bank for Christmas parties, donations, and stuff.  Back then, we were considering formalizing the group and registering it at SEC.  And nothing spelled official motorcycle club better than membership dues.

I have pretty much forgotten the debates and arguements we had on the subject but I do remember the arguement I made.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

And I got my way, too, come to think of it  Heh.  But that was only because I volunteered to be the club’s unofficial treasurer.

I was against the idea of collecting annual membership dues that was normally done in most clubs and organizations.  Maybe it’s the same in other countries but people flipside had the annoying habit of trying to avoid paying their dues even if they could afford it.  The way I saw it, the main reason that this was the case was because annual membership dues tend to be expensive.  Greater than the minimum wage at the very least.  Quite understandable though.  It was only once a year after all.

That was also part of the problem methinks.  While most people could very well afford to pay their clubs’ annual membership dues if you consider their yearly incomes, it was just too much for most people’s wallets to handle in just one go, particularly for an abstract concept as a membership due.

Of course, it can be argued that since they already know when the membership due must be paid, they can save up for it but be honest, who really does that?  Oh, sure, you save up for a new computer.  You save up for a new car.  A new bike.  A new house.  A birthday party.  An anniversary.  But a membership due?  Maybe some people save up for it but most people?  I highly doubt it.  I doubted it then.  Still doubting it now.

It would be better if the collection was done on a monthly basis.  But since PRC was meeting at least once a week back then, I proposed that the collection of membership dues be done on a weekly basis.  Every Saturday, each attending member would have to pay 20 pesos.  Twenty pesos was nothing.  Our members pay more than that for food and drinks while hanging out at Petron Dona Soledad, the club’s hang out place.

Yeah.  Twenty pesos wasn’t really much.  And that, my friends, was the sheer beauty of it all.

Twenty pesos was a nice round number as far as currency goes flipside.  And since it wasn’t that much, our members had no misgivings whatsoever about paying their dues.  Heck, some members even went as far as paying weeks in advance.  And those who were absent one Saturday had no problems at all paying double the following Saturday.

Now 20 pesos may not seem much but trust me, it added up.  At that time, we had around 10 members who regularly attended the Saturday meetings.  That’s 200 pesos every week, dude!  At least.

And that translated to 800 pesos a month, which then translated to a yearly take of 9,600 pesos.  With the PRC having a membership of more than 15 people, I reckon the yearly take could have been somewhere between 11,000 to 15,000 pesos!  Quite a tidy sum, if I do say so myself.  Heh.



It was just too bad that the group’s momentum kinda petered out after Mgee’s death.

One comment on “Looking Back: Paranaque Riders Club Membership Dues

  1. Ernie Eula France
    April 15, 2017

    I’m willing to join as a member in your club

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