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Corsa S33 motorcycle tires

That’s what I’m currently running on my baby.  Yeah.  Corsa S33 motorcycle tires.  Both the front and rear.  Tubeless, of course.  It’s been more than 9 months now and they still looked almost new.  Well, not really “new” new but you get my drift, right?  They still looked like they’ve many more months left of daily riding in them.

A bit on pricey side but well worth it methinks.  Not only did they look great, they were also quite durable but not at the expense of traction.  Why, I’ve already lost count the number of times those babies saved from skidding and going down.  Yeah.  They’ve been quite a boon in these rainy times.  Yep, well worth it alright.

Size Rim Size Load
120/60 – 14 14 50 S Tubeless
150/60 – 14 14 62 S Tubeless
160/60 – 14 14 65 S Tubeless
80/80   – 14 14 38 P Tubeless
90/80   – 14 14 43 P Tubeless
100/80 – 14 14 48 P Tubeless
110/80 – 14 14 53 S Tubeless
80/80   – 17 17 41 P Tube&Tubeless
90/80   – 17 17 44 P Tube&Tubeless
70/90   – 17 17 38 P Tube&Tubeless
80/90   – 17 17 44 P Tube&Tubeless

Here’s an ad I copied from the Motorcycle Philippines site detailing the features of the S33.  Didn’t buy my tires from Deka though.  That shop was just too far off my usual route.  Plus I really wasn’t all that familiar with the streets of Caloocan City.  So I got them from Bee Motorcycle instead.  Yeah.  That shop’s literally along my usual route home from work.

I am quite impressed, I must say.  So much so that come the time for new tires, I’ll be getting a couple more Corsa’s.

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