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Oh, my clutch cable!

Man, oh, man!  Almost got in trouble the other day.  On my way home from work, I suddenly noticed that something funny was going on with my baby’s clutch cable.  While I couldn’t hear it, I could definitely something was grinding whenever I pulled the clutch lever to shift gears.  At first I paid it no mind but eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I took a closer look at the clutch lever when I got home.

Dudes!  I was really lucky.  I mean, REALLY lucky!  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the clutch cable had just about broken off at the nipple. Only a couple of strands was holding the cable together.  Woof!  Really close call there.  If my clutch cable had broken off while I was on the hi-way, I could have gotten into an accident.  At the very least, I would have stranded.

Took my baby to JM Saulog along Dona Soledad the next day but they were out of clutch cables for RJ Pro.  They were even out of cables for Shogun Pro which would have fitted my baby with just a minor adjustment.  Dang!

Fortunately, another shop Big Bikes had a Shogun Pro clutch cable in stock.  Bought one and went home.  I figured I should do it myself and finally learn how to attach a clutch cable on an RJ Pro.

At first, I tried bending the metal part of the cable so it fit like my old cable.  That’s minor I adjustment I mentioned.  Yeah.  That was a bad idea.  Nearly ruined the cable in the process.  So tried looking for a different route for the cable.  Eventually found one that seemed to work just fine.  I removed the old cable and attached the new one.

Will you look at that! My goodness!

A closer look at the frayed cable. You can just how little of it was holding the whole thing together. Whew!

And just one more.

In the new position, the clutch cable had to cross the front of the speedometer panel but since the view of the speedometer gauge was really obstructed, I went with it.

The clutch was now in front of the speedometer panel instead of on the side. All in all though, I liked it. I had to cover the cable with electric tape to cover the mistakes I made when I tried to bend the cable’s metal part.

The clutch cable and speedometer panel viewed from a different angle.

Yeah.  My baby’s still under observation.  So far so good though.  If things work out just find, methinks I’ll continue using a Shogun Pro clutch cable.  It’s a readily available part.  Well, more so than the RJ Pro clutch cable anyways.

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