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Paranaque Riders Club

I belong to the Paranaque Riders Club.  A founding member, in fact.  Back then, there were only 3 of us: me, Arman, and MGee.  Man, I can’t believe it’s been more than 10 years now.

The club’s rather inactive right now but at the height of the club’s popularity, we had more than 20 members with 10-15 people would show up at Petron Dona Soledad every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, regardless of the weather.  Particularly Friday.  It was the club’s official tambay night after all.  Why, it even came to the point that 3-6 people, including me, would hang out at Petron every evening.  Yeah, dude!  Every evening.  Man, those were good times, I’m tellin’ ya.  Good times.

Things were going great until MGee bit the dust almost 5 years ago.  He was always up for long rides, that guy.  In fact, he lived for it methinks.  He was riding up north with some guys from another club when he got into a terrible accident.  Smacked into a timber-laden tricycle as he was rounding a corner in the highway.  What the heck’s a tricycle doing in the highway?  Those things weren’t legal in highways, right?  Well, that’s the province for ya.  Sigh.  Sigh some more and then alas.

It was a classic case of carelessness and incompetence of the local and highway police.  If only they had implemented the traffic laws and regulations properly such a tragedy would clearly have been avoided.  That tricycle would not have been in the first place.  But what can you do, right?  That’s the way the dice rolled in the provinces.  And no amount of howling and crying would change it.  It was one of those things that you’re just gonna have to learn to live with.

Only the locals could ever hope to change the way things, no matter how bad or shoddy, were and if they were okay with it, you can’t do nothin’ but just be on your guard and hope for the best.


But I digress.

MGee was the old man of the club.  If he showed up for a meeting or a tambay, many other members were sure to show up.  We saw him as a father figure of sorts.  Or even a kindly uncle.  With him gone, attendance and membership sorta petered out, though it did go up last year.  But I guess, that was just a last gasp or something cuz now there was just me hanging out at Petron Dona Soledad.

Oh, some of the guys will show up once in a while.  Mostly it was just me.

But as the saying goes, hope springs eternal.  I was ever the hopeful that things for the club will pick up once again.  And when then happens, you can bet yer booties I’ll be there.  Oh, I’ll be there alright.

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