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And the insanity continues…

I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the announcement in a newspaper.  The morons at DTI were at it again.  Sigh.  And I thought that of all the departments in the government, DTI would be THE ONE to have smart guys running things at the top.

Copied this off the Philippine Department of Trade & Industry site:

DTI implements number coding scheme for the inspection and sticker marking on motorcycle helmets

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Starting August 06, 2012, the schedule for accepting applications for inspection and sticker marking on motorcycle helmets will be done according to the last digit of motorcycle plates:

1 and 2 – Monday
3 and 4 – Tuesday
5 and 6 – Wednesday
7 and 8 – Thursday
9 and 0 – Friday
Bring the following:
  • Motorcycle helmet
  • Two copies of filled-out application form
  • Any one of government-issued IDs (driver\\\’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Photocopy of government-issued ID
  • Photocopy of motorcycle registration

While it was good that they were clearly trying to organize the chaos (that they themselves created, I might mention) at their doorstep, red flags were popping up in my head as I read that seemingly innocent announcement.  It was just so wrong that I couldn’t help but comment and write about it.

  • Showing a government-issued ID was a good idea that the person was really the one whose name appeared on the application form but why the requirement to submit a photocopy of said government-issued ID?  What does that have to do with getting an ICC or PS sticker on one’s helmet?
  • And a photocopy of one’s motorcycle registration?  That’s even more outrageous!  What the heck!?  Does that mean then the I can’t use my helmet for other bikes?  If the issue here was to show proof that one had a bike to go with the helmet then that’s just plain wrong.  That’s shooting a deer when you’re out hunting for birds.  We’re just talking about the helmet and helmet safety here.  That’s got nothing to do with the motorcycle.  All that should be needed were the helmet, the application form and the government-issued ID to show identification.
  • Plus, I should be able to buy a motorcycle helmet even if I don’t own a motorcycle.  It’s my right as a consumer, right?
  • And what if I didn’t have time to get the sticker myself?  What if I send a proxy?  What then?

All this craziness and stupidity was just making me plain sick to the stomach.  I didn’t really like calling people names but sometimes when people do stupid things, you just have to call them morons.

So I’ll stop now and just drown myself with caffeine buzz.  Strange enough, that always calmed me down.  Thank you, God, for coffee and energy drinks.

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