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Gasp! Roxas Boulevard flooded!

Photo from the Inquirer News site.  Roxas Boulevard flooded August 1, 2012.  Manila Bay on the right.

Oh, my gosh!  I just can’t believe it.  Typhoon Gener, you did it!  You really did it.  Nuuuuu!!!!

I had always asserted that Roxas Boulevard was one of the safer routes to take as that stretch of road almost never flooded.  That should the boulevard flood, most of Manila and surrounding areas would have long been underwater.  I guess I was wrong.  Oh, so very wrong.  I can only thank God that it happened on a Wednesday.  No work for yours truly.  Whew!

I think Roxas Boulevard actually started flooding Tuesday but it really got worse Wednesday.  They say it was the wind that the real culprit.  Blew a great wall of seawater and garbage from the bay and onto the boulevard.  Brrrr.  I get a chill just thinking about that.  Woo.  Thank goodness.  Thank goodness indeed I was safe at home, snug and warm in my bed.

Some more pics from other sites like Storify, Interaksyon, Trust.org, and Balita.











I R a sad wolf, I am.  Not to mention worried, horrified, and depressed.  One more safe haven scratched off the list….

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