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A trim here, some gold there

About a week or so ago, I noticed that the lower part of my baby’s headlight assembly had been scraping my baby’s fairing.  You will remember that the headlight assembly was no longer stock.  I thought I had fixed that problem when sawed off a small bit of said lower part a few months ago.

Perhaps I was mistaken.  Perhaps it had not fixed the problem at all and I only noticed it recently.  Perhaps the lowering effect of my baby’s new Yamakoto rear shocks was to blame.  Perhaps a little bit of both.  I guess.

Well, whatever the case, it was clear that something needed to be done to prevent further damage to my baby’s fairing.

I patched up the little scratches to the fairing with some well-placed stickers.

As for the lower part of the headlight assembly, I first tried shaving some of it off with a triangular iron file.  I didn’t like the way it turned out.  Plus, I realized that it would be such a pain to file off the other side of the piece so that the headlight assembly would look more or less the same on both sides.

So I made some measurements, took off the assembly’s lower part, and sawed off the offending portion with a mini hacksaw.  I was going to paint it black but since I still had some Bosny brass gold spraypaint left, I decided to go with the gold.  First, I applied a couple of coats of black paint, then a couple of coats of brass gold paint, and, finally, a couple of layers of clear coat.

I had to hold the piece up for better spraypaint aim and paint coverage.

Ick! What a mess! Fortunately, I managed to wash most of it off with soap and water before the paint dried.

All dried up and ready to be installed, 12 hours or so later.

My baby’s headlight assembly sans the offending lower part.

I installed the piece back on my baby’s headlight assembly carefully.  Though the paint was already dry, it could still be a bit on the soft side.  I could have waited a bit longer but I was impatient.  Heh.

Ah, together again! What a beaut!

My baby’s newly adorned headlight assembly, viewed from another angle.

Scraping problem solved! Man, look at that clearance.

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