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Daytime pics of my baby’s mags

Yeah, you might recall that the pics of my baby’s sweet new kalesa-type Okimura mags that Iposted before were taken during the night and I promised that I’ll eventually post pics that were taken during the day.  Well, then that time is finally at hand.  Woo-hoo!  I apologize if you think it had taken a tad bit too long but I’m such a lazy ass that I typically let pictures I had taken with my digital camera stay in the cam’s memory card for several weeks before transferring them to my netbook.  Sometimes, I even let months pass by.  Heh…

Anyways, the pics are here now and I hope ya dudes enjoy them.

An “after” photo of my baby with her new mags. Taken during the day this time.

My baby as seen from a different angle.

A closer look at the rear mags and Yamakoto semi-lowered rear shocks.

Around week after I got my baby’s new mags, I also got her gold-colored front foot pegs and side stand. I had to replace the old side stand cuz I needed a shorter one due to my baby being lowered an inch by her new rear shocks.

The gold-colored rear foot pegs soon followed the front foot pegs.  Pic taken the night the foot pegs were installed.

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