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Woo-hoo! Got my Pentax Optio WG-2 already!

Oh, yeah!  Got my hands on that sweet-looking gadget I mentioned in my previous post.  A brand new Pentax Optio WG-2 shockproof, waterproof compact digital camera.  A red one at that  Ooh, baby!  What a beauty!!!  😛

I got it yesterday.  At first, I was planning on buying one at the mall, particularly from that camera place at the basement of SM Manila.  But then I figured I could save a couple of thousand bucks but going the Sulit route.  I browsed  the Sulit website and found a seller that was willing to meet up at a place near where I worked.  I set an appoint for 5:30PM and just like that, I had my hands on my dream camera.  Heh.

Dudes!  As good as the WG-2 looked in the camera case at that shop in SM Manila and in pictures, it looked even better in my trembling hands.  I could scarcely contain my excitement.  Hoo-boy.

Hadn’t gotten to taking it for a test drive though.  I’ll be taking it slowly methinks.  The manual was a bit on the thick side and I had a lot of reading up to do if I wanted to do things right.  Besides I wanted to prolong the excitement and enjoyment for as long as possible.  Pretty soon, though, many, if not a good majority, of the pics I’ll be uploading into this blog will be shot using this sweet baby.  :mrgreen:

See?  Getting my hands on this camera even got me using emoticons now.

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