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Traffic here, flood there. Choices, choices…

Friday, July 20, 2012.  It was a day to be remembered indeed.  At least, by yours truly.  I thought the rain I had to ride through in the morning to get to work was horrible.  Little did I know the harrowing experience that awaited me in the evening.  Had I known, I would have left school immediately after my last class of the day.  At least then, the ridiculously heavy downpour would have caught me while I was hanging out at Bee Motorcycle, which was way beyond the more flood-prone areas of Manila.

Stupid, freakin’ weather…

The weather was fine when got my things ready to leave.  It was still fine as I stepped out of the office and descended the stairs that would lead me to the parking area where I had left my baby.  It was around 6:30PM  I had barely taken a step away from the bottom of the stairs when I heard it.  That was when I realized my horrible, horrible mistake.  I had tarried in the office too long and the heavy rain that AccuWeather predicted had come, albeit half an hour earlier than expected.

And what a downpour it was!  The rain was literally coming down by the bucket loads.  I got out my digital camera and took a couple of pictures.  I’ll upload them in another post later this month.  I promise.  I was such a lazy ass, you see, that I only transfer pics from my digital camera to my netbook only once or twice a month.

When I saw that the particular portion of the parking area where my baby was parked was already ankle-deep in floodwater and the rain showed no sign of ever stopping, I quickly made the decision of putting on my raincoat and leaving.  While I didn’t really hate the notion of riding in such a heavy rain, I tried to avoid like the plague.  Visibility would be down and the road slippery to boot.  It was just too dangerous, sez I.  I had little choice in the matter though.  It was leave now or be stranded in Intramuros.  If the parking area was beginning to flood, I can only imagine what was happening in other parts of the walled city.

I was about to suffer from wet-foot-in-shoe syndrome.  Big time.

I would have taken the Roxas Boulevard route to Paranaque.  It was, by far, the safest bet.  Though that highway ran right beside Manila Bay, it was elevated; should it flood, it meant the whole of Manila and the surrounding cities had already been submerged.  Unfortunately, my baby was running low on fuel and the nearest gasoline station I knew of was the Petron gasoline station (and the Shell station beside it) along United Nations Avenue.  I had to slog through heavy traffic and flooded areas to get there.  It was nearly 8:00PM by then.  Sonovabitch!  It had taken me about an hour just to travel 4 blocks.

With my baby all gassed up, I could have continued on with my epic struggle home but I decided to play it safe and not risk sending my baby to the bike hospital, or worse, the bike graveyard.  Not to mention, putting myself at risk as well.  Petron UN was a safe enough place to wait things out.  It was elevated and thus was flood-free.  And there were food and drinks to be had at the station’s convenience store should I want some.  The rain had, thankfully, already petered out to a slight drizzle and won’t be long ’til the floodwaters receded.

For all intensive purposes, I was stranded.  Trapped at the gasoline station.

I would have taken pictures of the flooded streets surrounding the station but it was drizzling and didn’t want to get my digital camera wet.  I really should get a rugged, shock-proof, water-resistant camera.  Would mean taking pictures a whole more convenient.

Eventually, the floodwaters receded enough for me to leave.  The time was 9:00PM and my ordeal was finally over.

Man, I bet the fuckin’ rain, traffic, and flooding will be all over the news tomorrow.

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