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New mags for my baby

A couple of so weeks ago, I finally got around to having the guys at Bee Motorcycle the new kalesa-type mags that I had ordered and had been waiting for with bated breath.  The mags were Okimura 16-spoked mags, black with silver rims.  There were actual for the Honda XRM 125 or the Honda Wave 125 so some modifications were in order, particularly where the front mags was concerned.

  • The front fork axle hole needed to be bored out just a fraction of a millimeter to accommodate a bigger axle bolt; only a very small amount of material was removed so we were pretty sure that structural integrity and safety had not been compromised one bit.
  • The old speedometer gearbox had to be replaced with one that was for the Honda Wave 125; as a result, the speedometer cable also needed to be changed.  A small part of the gearbox’s exterior needed to be ground a little for a better fit.
  • A new front disk brake rotor was likewise installed.

There were no problems whatsoever in installing the rear mags.  Just a bolt-on affair, which was pleasant surprise.

I also got my baby new rear shocks: Yamakoto semi-lowered shocks, black color with a little red trim.  We had to lifters so as not to lower my baby’s rear too much.  Still, she was lowered by around an inch.  Not much.  Didn’t alter my baby’s handling at all.  Not one bit.

My baby before the new mags and rear shocks were installed.

My baby with her new Okimura kalesa-type mags and Yamakoto rear shocks.

A close look at my baby’s rear mags and rear shocks.

A shot of my baby’s rear mags and rear shocks taken from the right.

A close look at my baby’s front mags. Notice longer speedometer cable.

A close-up shot of the new speedometer gearbox.

The whole affair set me back around 8,000 bucks.  My wallet may be hurting and crying like a little girl but I was ecstatic to say the least.

The pictures of my baby in her new digs were taken during the night and may not be showing the best view possible of my baby.  I’ll try take daytime pics of my baby and put them up at a later date.

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