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My next ride

Early this year, I found myself already considering what my next ride will be.  Oh, I won’t be buying a new bike any time soon.  My baby was still relatively new and I was still enjoying the heck out of riding her around town.  Still I can’t help but look forward to a couple of years from now when I get my hands on a new bike

I had decided that it will be a scooter this time around.  All the motorcycles I had ridden up to now were all manual transmission, that is, they all had manual clutch.  Yeah, methinks I’ll give automatic transmission a try.  I had already narrowed my options down to the following models:

  1. Kymco Like 125
  2. Kymco Super 8
  3. Yamaha Mio MX 125
  4. Yamah Mio Sporty/Soul

I’ll talk about each one of them in future posts.

Of course, nothing was written on stone.  I could very well change my mind at the last minute and get another bike with a manual clutch.  Yeah.  We’ll see.

The above image is taken from pics shown after a Google search.  It’s actually the logo of an Apple IT support website but I liked the looks of it so I used it here in today’s post.  I chose to read the words “SCOOTER-IT” as “scooter it” meaning to travel by means of a scooter.  No doubt that’s one of the double meanings intended by the person who came up with it.  Smart guy that.

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