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Top 1 motor oil

I’m currently using Top 1 motorcycle oil in my baby.  Top 1 XM Motorcycle Motor Oil to be more specific:

I particularly liked how clear the oil was and how it was rated 20W50.  My baby can handle 20W40 or even 10W40 no doubt but psychologically speaking, I was more confident going with a 20W50 oil.  This is one reason why I had not yet tries Eneos yet.  I can’t seem to find a 20W50 Eneos motorcycle oil for some reason.  Maybe they don’t have one to begin with.  Who knows?

My baby seemed to be doing quite fine with XM flowing through her veins.  She was running cooler, as Rolly, the Bee Motorcycle’s proprietor, had stated; even a lunkhead like me was able to see this.  I was really fortunate that Bee Motorcycle, the shop I frequently hang out at after work these days carried Top 1 XM.  Else, I ‘d still be using Castrol.

XM’s a bit on the pricey side though.  Then again, only the best for my baby, right?  Right.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Castrol, mind you.  Quite a decent brand of motorcycle oil that.  It’s just that it’s been subject to counterfeiting before and my confidence in it had somewhat waned.  You definitely won’t go wrong with Castrol as long as you’re sure that it ain’t the fake stuff

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