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About 3 weeks ago

Having the new kalesa-type mags, not to mention the new rear shocks, installed on my baby was pretty much a big deal for me so I took pictures of my baby using my trusty GE digital camera.  Here are some before photos of my baby:

My baby before the new mags and rear shocks were installed.

A shot of the rear mags and rear shocks. My baby’s mags were no longer stock but the rear shocks were. Notice also the gold-colored drive chain tensioner. Nice, eh?

My baby’s front mags.

I would like to add that aside from the drive chain tensioner, my baby’s got several other goodies that I am quite proud to show off.  Her stock headlight assembly had been damaged in an accident and had been replaced with a cheap China-made assembly.  When that got old, I replaced it with a Thailand-made copy of the Raider 150’s headlight assembly and spruced it up with some stickers.  And then I had two-finger clutch and brake levers modified to fit my baby.  I also painted her shifter pedal and her kick starter lever.

My baby’s headlight assembly. A Thailand-made copy of the Raider 150’s headlight assembly, all spruced up with some stickers.  Note the small clutch lever.  So cute!  Functional, too.

The shifter pedal, sprayed with Bosny bronze gold paint.

The kick starter lever, sprayed with Bosny bronze gold paint.

Lastly, my baby’s stock pillion rider grab bar had been badly scratched from past spills.  Nothing that a little epoxy and Bosny bronze gold paint and clear coat couldn’t fix.

The pillion rider grab bar, all fixed and spruced up. Not a perfect job but I’m quite satisfied. Oooh, so shiny!

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