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Testing Out Me SJCAM M20

I didn’t waste any time in getting my new action camera all charged up when I got home after work yesterday.  I was all excited-like in taking it out on … Continue reading

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My new action camera got delivered yesterday afternoon.  I’m really excited about it. While my current action camera was still good and working fine and all, I got me some … Continue reading

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Motorstar Cafe 400

Now here’s another one that has caught my eye.  Probably the cheapest 400-cc bike in the market hereabouts.  The Motorstar Cafe 400.  That in itself deserves a post, I reckon. … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves A Parade

So I was on my way to work the other day when I found myself somewhat puzzled by the unusually heavy traffic at the entrance to Intramuros.  Turns out one … Continue reading

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Testing Out Me Camera Mount

I recently got a new bicycle/motorcycle camera mount to be be used with my old Pentax adventure digital camera.  I was actually considering getting one of those small action/sports camera … Continue reading

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At Long Last! My Very Own Kawi Zed

Whelp!  I finally took the plunge and done went to the nearest Kawasaki Leisure Bikes, the one in Makati, and got me my very own Z1000.  In fact, I got … Continue reading

February 22, 2017 · 2 Comments

Honda RS150

The following had been written using the RedNotebook app on July 2, 2016. My current daily commuter ride is the new fuel-injected underbone in the Honda Philippines line-up, the Honda … Continue reading

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Euro Keeway Superlight 200

The following had been written using the RedNotebook app on June 29, 2016. I find myself confused about the Euro Keeway Superlight 200. About the brand, I mean. Mitsukoshi Philippines … Continue reading

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Piaggio Ape

The following had been written on June 27, 2016 using the RedNotebook app.   With all my resources, limited as they were, already committed to getting a Kawasaki Z1000 and … Continue reading

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Kawasaki Z1000

The following had been written on June 26, 2016 using the RedNotebook app. As I had mentioned previously, I’m going for a Kawasaki Z1000. Well, eventually I’ll be getting one. … Continue reading

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